Subwoofer makes everything amazing 

Have been running into problems when uploading pictures , hope this one works  A quick shot of the most recent event.  Remo Mondo djembe ! Glad I went with the 14", so much bass. Still figuring out the best position to hold / play it though. Annnnnnd the second picture wouldnt upload .  Wordpress.wordpressorgXMLRPCApiError error 1 Whyyyy
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Ever since I sold the PDP Maples I've been missing the 24" kick. Finally found a nice set and brought them to a (now very rare) gig and yes I love it.  The room was big but very reflective so they put up a shield in front of me with no mics. LoL it was a loud wash. 
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Still breathing

Just super busy that's all. Has the chance to jam with a group of African worshippers and man they just have rhythm in them. I was asked to teach their young drummer to play contemporary music. And I got schooled. Hard. Made me chuckle to see these lot of very rhythmic individuals trying to express themselves in a foreign way (soft rock). I taught them to see the songs in sections and be mindful about intensity and after a while they broke into a jam in their own accents and time signatures and it was so tight. All the kids just APPEARED and somehow each holding an Instrument or clapping or dancing in sync. My Asian blood can't comprehend .  Above is a picture of them dancing and jamming and me being in the middle yet completely out of the loop.
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14x3 Stainless steel, 10 lug.  Great for a big living room. img_3960.jpg img_3966.jpg
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Stocking up from HK.

image Pretty good system from beginners to very advanced.
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Just follow the money..

image image Standard pink swirl ?
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wall clock

Been a while since I worked on any project ... but this clock project had always been in the back of my mind. Finally found the time and parts to do so. IMG_20151214_130417 IMG_20151214_130606 IMG_20151214_130554 IMG_20151214_130432
  • Overall dimension 14" x 4"
  • Stainless steel shell
  • Triple chromed all metal parts
  • 24K gold lacquer clock hands
  • Weight : 10 lbs
I have enough parts to built three more, message me for details.    
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Next lesson.. Control

image But first... Need to get it fixed . Good thing Roland has an office in Richmond.
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Cocktail drums – first gig

8x5 snare , 10x5 tom, 15x24 bass, 10" hihats, 15" crashride. Worked pretty well for my friend's wedding yesterday. The wooden church acoustics certainly helped. The bass sounded especially good, high ceilings ftw. Right leg took some getting used to. image image image The 3 buckle still holding up well. It's good that everything fits inside a hockey bag. Fun fact : The modification to the drum was done with help from the groom's dad last year. Thanks Uncle Mok!
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Best acoustics.

image image One practice only ... Time to wing it tomorrow #makebackgroundnoises
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