2004 Restoration Project – Cont’d

I didn’t take any pictures during the repair process, but here’s what I did with the drums:

1 ) Cut down one of the 13″ tom to make a 13×4″ piccolo snare drum. Lack of appropriate tools make job super hard.

2 ) Ordered Aqua Satin drum wrap to wrap all the toms, though not enough to do the bassdrum.

3 ) Drilled new holes in the 16″ floor tom to convert it into a bass drum.

4 ) Scour high and low for enough lugs to fit all the drums. Ended up getting some genuine Slingerland lugs from a local guy who has lots of parts stashed. He once appeared on Modern Drummer for building a drumset with a tuning system operated via air-pressure. Very cool.

5 ) Bought light duty hardwares to go with the set.

6 ) Made my own bassdrum riser for the 16″ tom. So the beater can hit closer to centre.

7 ) Wrapped the 20″ drum with the chrome wrap taken from the 16″ tom.

8 ) Wrap all the toms / snare in Aqua satin. You can see where the wrap ran out on the bottom of the floor tom in one of those pics. But ssssh, keep it secret.

9 ) Drilled / sanded / and screwed in the tom mounts and snare strainer.

10 ) Took it to my fellowship’s coffee house for a test drive. Punchy little fella!

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2 Responses to 2004 Restoration Project – Cont’d

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  2. Drumatics says:

    In all it’s blue-satin glory.

    Those drum coverings are pricy!

    I still have some new tube lugs and snare hoops left behind, anyone want to build a custom snare with me?

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