2007 Teamwork : 0202

This project marks Drumatic's first collaboration with local artist 0202. We are going to give an old snare new life by giving it a makeover. All parts are supplied by me, paint by design by 0202. Name: Soundwave. Specs: 13"x5" wood 6 ply 6 lugs triple flanged hoops Pearl wires & generic strainer Aquarian DoubleThins on Classic Snareside. I've attached some Before pictures of the shell. You can see where I filed off the top and bottom parts of the shell to make it thinner - otherwise the heads just won't fit. (Aquarian heads are shown right now, and some of you might know that Aquarian drumheads have a tighter tolerance for their hoop, but trust me, even Remo heads didn't fit before the filing.)
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