2007 Milestone Fibreglass Snare Project – 5

Alright alright, finally got off my lazy bum and took some pictures of the finished product!

The drum was assembled and cleaned and now it sounds fabulous.

I put on an ambassador snare side and a Aqurian JD head on top, it seems a bit stiff and mid-range happy. Gonna swap it out for an Ambassador batter eventually. Seriously folks, I’m getting sold on putting Ambassadors on all snares from now on. It just sounds RIGHT.

I tried Evans and I tried Aquarians, but both versions seemed to have a thinner sound by comparison. I know it’s subjective, but Remo it is!

This snare has all original parts: 2.3mm hoops, diecast bottom, original wires, Ludwig P85 throw-off.

And yes, I cleaned the shell with water and it’s absolutely FINE.

Sounds amazing!

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