2007 Milestone Fibreglass Snare Project

It was 4 years ago this month that I stumbled upon a very beat up and rusty snare drum.
I was in the midst of upgrading my drums from the Westbury starters, and I responded to an ad on buy&sell about a certain black snare drum for $50.

“Might as well go check it out,” I thought.

When I finally saw the drum, it was dirty, stinky, and covered with duct tape. I was just about to conclude my trip was a disappointment when something written on the badge caught my eyes, it read “Milestone Instruments, handcrafted in Canada”.

Handcrafted, now that couldn’t be too bad, could it? Maybe I could bring it home and fix it up…

So that’s how I got my first Milestone 14″x6.5″ snare, and then finding out the history between Milestone and Tempus (www.tempusdrums.com) , and eventually used all my work money to purchase a Tempus Carbonfibre drumset as well. And man do they rock, responsive, waterproof, sounds HUGE, and Paul the owner was the nicest business person I have EVER met.

Fast forward to 4 years later and yesterday I found a twin! (These drums are very rare and very sought after in studios, mind you, you never see them in the store and every sound engineers just love them)

So here it is, 14×6 Milestone snare ..take 2.

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