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Saving your ears. One cymbal set at a time.

Over the years I’ve collected a small array of cymbals that sounded good in their own right and I just didn’t have the heart to part with. (Wait! This sound might work for the next project!)

One day I was looking at my collection of cymbals (about 4 full sets, give or take) and realize I only really use 2 of those sets… Continue reading

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2010 August Wedding gig

First of all, a big congratulations to William and Olivia! Wish you guys many blessed years to come. Pictured left here is the Yamaha Stage Custom church kit I played for my friend’s wedding. The set sounded pretty decent, even with … Continue reading

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Drums Review – Gon Bops Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon

So I went to Long & McQuade and tried out the 4 cajons they had in store.. 1 TOCA – $170 2 MEINL – $210 & $270(I think) 1 GON BOPS – $230 I tested all 4 cajons they had … Continue reading

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Drum Review – Canwood Maple 13×5

Aside from the project updates I will also post up reviews some of the equipments I have/had. Here’s a little known Canadian gem to kick things off: Canwood Custom Percussions – out of Saskatchewan Canada. You’ve probably seen these on … Continue reading

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Stuff in storage

I’ve accumulated quite a few pieces of equipment and parts over the years and it’s getting a little cluttered. So once in a while some stuff gets moved to the storage. You can check out the stuff here.

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2008 Bonus Vintage kit

This project is actually a “part 2” of my first restoration project here: What I wanted to do before, is to eventually add a 10″ and a 13″ tom to the kit to make it a 4 piece deal. Then … Continue reading

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2008 Restoration Project – Finished

Finally finished! 10×5 tom 12×5 tom 13×5 tom 16×16 floor tom 14×5.5 matching snare 22×8 bassdrum x 2 Everything wrapped in a grey marble wrap, looks great, sounds great!

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2008 Restoration Project – Part 2

Since last time when I got the shells done I had been waiting for some extra bassdrum parts to show up. I waited and waited and waited until in late March, a whole drumset kinda fell into my lap. Yah … Continue reading

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2008 Restoration Project – Part 1

This project has been on the backburner for a long time, mainly due to a lack of available parts. I suppose I could always just go out and buy new parts for it, but finding / scouring for parts was … Continue reading

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2007 Vintage Orange 2- gear alert

Only one picture this time, because I often get lost when I start working and forget to take pictures. But let me tell you what I did with my 2ams, 8ams, and holidays in the past few weeks…

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