In the year 2000..

Back in the Y2Ks hanging floor toms were all the rage, two floor tom set up was every kid’s dream, Sunburst was the colour of choice and these things all go together like korn and bizkits.

Put all these together along with a 13″ piccolo (another Y2K must have), and you have THE Dream Kit™ for the year 2000.

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Premier XPK, made in England (birch eucalyptus birch)
10×8, 12×9, 14×12, 16×14, 22×16, bass
Pearl 13×3 Maple Piccolo (Japan)

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So what’s it really like?

The Highs :

10″ and 12″ Toms in fusion sizes are indeed very versatile , full body and sustain , and  still easy to reach for my 5’9″ frame.

14″ and 16″ hanging toms – yes they have more sustain than regular floor toms with legs, and you can mount them in any angle you want. I like my floor toms flat but others will love the flexibility.

Sunburst colour : Still works! As you can see with all the Yamaha / Tama offering recently.
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The famous English chrome work. Still looks great after all these years.

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The sound : full and great presence, true to the usual claim that Birch drums has that pre-Eq’s sound. It’s very punchy and clear, with defined highs and lows.

The Lows :

> Adjusting the heavy hanging floors are much like a syncopation exercise with $1,000 worth of gear hanging in the balance. Haha hanging, get it?
> Sounds can improve even more with addition of tom suspension.
> The 22×16 is think and heavy, and sounded rather thin. Removing the heavy double tom post helped the bassdrum resonate a lot better.

This kit was on my radar back in the day , since then different priority has taken hold and I also end up getting the Tempus kit. Kinda neat to run into it after all these years.

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