Chicago !

Went to Chicago this past weekend for a worship event with Grace Melodia , had a blast serving with the local church.   image Day 1 : practice with the vocals team from Toronto and the Choir from Chicago. They had a Yamaha 900K fitted with a Roland kick and a Alesis DM10 brain. Unfortunately the hihat trigger didn't register but oh well! The rest of the kit played quite nice, but I do miss the mesh heads on my Rolands. image The next day we had our first event at the main chapel with a full blown from room . shields, monitors, personal mix board, fan... They had it all. The drums were pre-Yess stage custom , 12,16,22 and a 14 snare with a wood hood on top. The 16 hanging tom had some slipping problem (and I found a box of broken tom arms in the back).. They might work for some people , but I definitely prefer real floor tom legs. But the cymbals! 20" and 21" Meinl crashes!!! Wowzers no wonder they needed the shield! Really had to smack them to open them up. The next night we did our event at a sister church with a PDP maple kit with 10,12,14 toms and zildjian A's. Wish I had taken pictures because that kit looked and sounded great. I used my trusty Blasticks to manage the volume and they did their job fantastically . After the two events we had some time to venture a bit and stumbled upon Vic's drum shop. And wow. It. Was. MASSIVE. image image image All in all a total blast in every way. Gotta practice more .. image
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