Saving your ears. One cymbal set at a time.

Over the years I’ve collected a small array of cymbals that sound great in their own right but weren’t being used much. But as with all true gearheads, the thought of letting these colourful sounding metal alloys go to someone else is too much to comprehend. (Wait! This sound might work when I need to play jazz/blues/metal/trance/polka! )

One day I was looking at my collection and realize two full sets of cymbals are just sitting there, collecting dust. So I bit the bullet and put one set at my church (review to come), and lent the other set to my old workplace Ambassadors For Christ Vancouver.

Why? Because they were using B8 cymbals…

I’m sure someone somewhere has lucked in on a set of ‘vintage B8s’ that are warm and full of tone. But I can reassure you that is not the case with the cymbals in my church and my old workplace, they were harsh, piercing, and cold. Like banging garbage can lids inside a steel warehouse. One should also note that back at the early 2000s, the B8s were already considered the be the best budget cymbals made from any company. I’ve played on budget cymbals from other brands and I wholeheartedly agree.

The new setup consists of the following well rounded cymbals:

14″ Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats – crisp and balanced, perfect for a backing band when you want to be heard but not noticed. Not like the piercing budget brass cymbals.

16″ AA Thin Crash – AFC’s own – Bold and cutting, does exactly what a crash cymbal is suppose to do, if not a bit high compared to the rest of the cymbals.

18″ AA Studio Crash – A very warm and responsive cymbal, very controlled. Great for mallet work. I love this cymbal but it’s too quiet for my live shows.

20″ Zildjian Medium Big Band Ride – A vintage sound, warm with a medium wash, another perfect player for a backing band. Given its Big Band heritage it is also responsive enough to be crash on. Hillsong United fans rejoice.

Finally, hihats that does not sound like garbage cans, crashes that dissipates more evenly than a car accident, and a ride cymbal that no longer sound like a giant fire alarm bell.

Enjoy it guys!

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