… and then there was this other one

For the record I also purchased the Evans quite tuning drumkey a while back, the reason I didn’t blog about it until now is because, well, it didn’t really work. (You had-one-job!)

[singlepic id=84 w=640 h=480 float=]

That thing is too thick for some of the parts that I had (Roland drum rack, Roland tom pads, some hoops, Adonis Bass drum claws). And wouldn’t you believe it, it’s opening is also too big for some of the Yamaha & Roland tuning rods I have.

I like the way the Evan’s key feels on my hands, it’s very solid and has the magnetic part to keep your tuning rods in place, and the knurled knob on top also allows you to spin the rod when it’s in loose tuning and speed things up a bit. But in the end it just didn’t work for me. Which is a shame because I’m kind of an Evans fan.

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