Drumhead Review : Customer Service vs. Quality Control

[singlepic id=18 w=360 h=240 float=left]When I was getting my first drumkit, I had a choice between a wine red (lacquer!) Pearl Export Select for $900 and a black wrapped Westbury for $500. I let my eyes did the thinking and went home with the craptastic Westbury in all its jet black goodness. The Westbury started falling apart within minutes of play, and I got started on the life of a gearhead – the eternal quest for upgrades.

Not all upgrades are created equal, however.

I acquired a 14×6″ Milestone Fibreglass Snare back in 2006 and it came with a split Remo Pinstripe repaired with 5 layers of duct tape.  I wanted to get a black coated drumhead to match the black finish, and the Aquarian Jack Dejohnette was the only choice.

I mounted the head and played around for while, it sounded quite warm but there was also this aftertone that I couldn’t get rid of. Turns out part of the drumhead rim is connected to the mylar at a lower point than the rest of the rim, meaning that area will always receive less tension than the rest of the drumset, hence the ring.

I emailed Aquarian Drumheads directly and got a reply the next day from none other than Roy Burns, president of Aquarian Drumheads. He left me a phone number to call him directly, which I did and explained my situation to him. Roy was very pleasant to talk with and he told me a replacement will sent to me immediately.  Two weeks later a replacement head showed up. That’s A1 customer service right there. I see a future dedication to Aquarian drumheads forming.

[singlepic id=15 w=320 h=240 float=center]

But when I inspected the drumhead, this is what it looks like:

[singlepic id=17 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Nicely done Aquarian, go send a replacement drumhead that’s even more warped then the defective I had before. I didn’t bother contacting Aquarian this time, I just went back to my Evans and Remos. I’ve tried some Aquarian double-thins on my Tempus kit anyway and their sound is just not for me.

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