Best gear, wrong sound

G Stone 10th anniversary and singer Ludia Li. Classic Chinese pop tunes, proved to be too much for the A Customs . they wash out too quick and all blended in and sounded the same. Should've brought the Sabian AAX's. image Soundman also said the toms are too muddy and kept asking me to tune up. Might have to try powerstroke 3 next time. Or maybe muffle the bottom heads a bit. image EC2 on G1 right now. My all time favorite drum sound is a 2000's 16x14 Pearl Export hanging floor tom with pinstripe top and coated diplomat with an extra thin (akin the heads from a student drumkit) homemade collar underneath, sandwiched in a powerstroke-type set up. Just so boomy and deep. image Troll lamp that slides down halfway through every song and blocks off half the charts. image Major action in the backstage. image Borrowed my friend's hihat jingle, added some much needed texture. image I'm digging the smoke-chrome wrap. Also tuned up the CF snare w/ genera dry on top, sounded good for this theater. image Also raised the China up higher, all for show! image Good show all in all, always a blessing to be able to jam with other musicians. I always think Chinese oldies sound very similar to metal tunes. Just need more distortion. Who wants to form a Chinese oldies metal band with me?
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