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整鼓時間 – White Carbon Fiber Drum Wrap

Happy thanksgiving to all. Hope you enjoyed your turkey, and the many days of turkey sandwiches, soups, pies, and chopsueys to come. Me? Instead of roasting turkey, I was roasting and skinning the church drum set along with my buddy … Continue reading

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How do I live without thee?

[singlepic id=83 w=640 h=480 float=] I’ve seen these since forever and finally gotten myself one (well, five) of these time saving genius tools. Here’s what I got : 2 x Gibraltar drumkey drill bits (GC $3.99) 2 x Gibraltar speed … Continue reading

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The Quest: the Xpress, for kind of expressive

This will mark the first post of The Quest category, where your drumming question will get answered, and others are free to chime in under the comment section. [singlepic id=14 w=480 h=360 float=center] GDL writes: Hey Mati, I have a … Continue reading

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Stuff in storage

I’ve accumulated quite a few pieces of equipment and parts over the years and it’s getting a little cluttered. So once in a while some stuff gets moved to the storage. You can check out the stuff here.

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Welcome to Drumatics!

Welcome to Drumatics! Here’s a short intro about me. I like drums. I spent my off hours assembling my own drumset from old mismatched and oversized drum shells. I cut and sanded and drilled and grinded and hammered and dropped … Continue reading

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