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Recording.. The lo-fi way

Click track from the phone mp3, prerecorded piano on garageband, Drum audio out to garageband input, Play along to click track with no sound and magically turn into drum tracks on garageband . Then match it with piano track on … Continue reading

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Best gear, wrong sound

G Stone 10th anniversary and singer Ludia Li. Classic Chinese pop tunes, proved to be too much for the A Customs . they wash out too quick and all blended in and sounded the same. Should’ve brought the Sabian AAX’s. … Continue reading

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Good to be with the pros

Did a charity concert last weekend and brought out the Gibraltar flat based stands , held up my 10″ Tom no problem, the built-in secondary lock at the tripod base came in handy. But the flat legs , although being … Continue reading

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Dinner gig

Gig tonight. Aka… Fooood.

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Cajon time

Helping out at a friend’s church this week, one two shake shake shake.. And a little kick.. Your browser does not support the video tag

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In the year 2000..

Back in the Y2Ks hanging floor toms were all the rage, two floor tom set up was every kid’s dream, Sunburst was the colour of choice and these things all go together like korn and bizkits. Put all these together … Continue reading

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Back in the Game

Sometimes I do wonder if hobbies in general are a major waste of time. [singlepic id=40 w=640 h=360 float=] I mean, why spend so much time and effort to please only yourself? Especially music – the time to practice, the … Continue reading

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Jingle all the way.

Played drums with the church band last week for the annual Christmas dinner. Extremely refreshing not to have to play 4/4 for the entire set. Everyone on the team were great musicians and we swung the whole night through. Ta-TaTa! … Continue reading

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Did a show 2 weeks ago with a group of very talented singers and musicians, I couldn’t help but felt I’ve grown a little. It was the first full length set I did with percussions only, super fun and nerve … Continue reading

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2010 August Wedding gig

First of all, a big congratulations to William and Olivia! Wish you guys many blessed years to come. Pictured left here is the Yamaha Stage Custom church kit I played for my friend’s wedding. The set sounded pretty decent, even with … Continue reading

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