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Cocktail drums – first gig

8×5 snare , 10×5 tom, 15×24 bass, 10″ hihats, 15″ crashride. Worked pretty well for my friend’s wedding yesterday. The wooden church acoustics certainly helped. The bass sounded especially good, high ceilings ftw. Right leg took some getting used to. … Continue reading

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Farewell matte black

So a while back I bought a bunch of Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau stray toms and lugs online and put them on my Tempus kit for moar lightness , and have even done a few shows with it. But since then the … Continue reading

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Review – Mapex Black Panther Velvetone & Kickports.

Had a chance to play a very nice set of Mapex Black Panther Velvetone (maple/walnut/maple shells) this past weekend for a conference, and the drumkit was loaded with kick ports on all the toms and two kickports on the bass drums. … Continue reading

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Mapex … Getting there

Found this new piece of Mapex hardware at the store today : quick release clutch / cymbal topper: See how big that thing when put beside the common sized Pearl one. That is HUGE and not a lot of finesse … Continue reading

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REVIEW – Simmons DA200S Drum Amp

Finally got an amp to go with my Roland TD-9KX2 electric kit. I’ve been searching for a few months and everyone had great things to say abou the Simons, the fact that other amps are twice as expensive and require … Continue reading

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Review – Tempus Tangerine Carbon Fibre

I wrote this years ago but never got around to uploading it. But here it is! The more a drum vibrates the louder it is, and the harder the shell, the more energy it can transfer from the impact into … Continue reading

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In the year 2000..

Back in the Y2Ks hanging floor toms were all the rage, two floor tom set up was every kid’s dream, Sunburst was the colour of choice and these things all go together like korn and bizkits. Put all these together … Continue reading

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They don’t make them like they used to

Never knew the old (1990’s) Premier cymbal stands came with memory locks for the tilters. British engineering FTW? The look is a little DIY-esque, which I guess is why it never caught on. Your browser does not support the video … Continue reading

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How do I live without thee?

[singlepic id=83 w=640 h=480 float=] I’ve seen these since forever and finally gotten myself one (well, five) of these time saving genius tools. Here’s what I got : 2 x Gibraltar drumkey drill bits (GC $3.99) 2 x Gibraltar speed … Continue reading

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Drums Review : PDP maple kit

When I was ordering my custom Tempus durmset I spent a good many weeks debating whether I want 10-13-16-22 or a bigger 13-16-18-24 combo. Ultimately I went with the 10-13-16-22 set up for the versatility. The Tempus sounded great, but … Continue reading

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