Cymbal meet

Got together with a few fellow drummers tonight and checked out each others cymbals , good to finally hear some different models and how each person uses it. image Some of my favorites : - Sabian AA Xplosion crashes , really expressive ,Chad Smith wasn't kidding! - Zildjian A Custom Thins anything : sounds like butter! Opens up nicely at low volume. - Sabian HHX anything - Zildjian K anything (my friend Adrian laid down some tasty licks on those hats. I need to up my game to become worthy of those brass!) Sabian AA Chinese 18". Sounds just right. image Some duds : - Zildjian New Beats (cold and gongy) - Zildjian Quick beats (very 1 dimensional ) - Sabian AA Studio anything ( lifeless and gongy) - Zildjian A crashes (too heavy) image image surprises : Sonic 20" ride - surprisingly expressive and warm sounding . Zildjian A crash - horrible. lifeless . Zildjian ZBT rock hats - very nice when closed.  Sabian B8 anything - the only reason we all had it was because we were young and gullible. image Looking forward to next time ! Gotta pick their brains some more! image
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