How do I live without thee?

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I’ve seen these since forever and finally gotten myself one (well, five) of these time saving genius tools.

Here’s what I got :

2 x Gibraltar drumkey drill bits (GC $3.99)
2 x Gibraltar speed key (GC $3.99)
1 x Gibraltar ratchet drum key (GC $8.99)

It’s amazing how efficient and effortless changing heads has become with these little tools. Saves my wrist too, which is a good thing because my write makes a clicking noise when I rotate it to the left ala holding onto a screwdriver. 20+ clicks per head-change add up quickly..

The drill bits looks to be nicely chromed, have the Gibraltar logo embedded on the side, which was nice, and it works!

The speedkey is amazing, it allows you to use two hands, much like a mini cheese-grater, and looks just as solid.

The Ratchet does the same job, but has a bit more crank due to the longer handle, would be good for the snare drums or if your rods sits really deep into the lugs.

Pair them up with a Black&Decker cordless drill and I can change heads all day long without getting carpel tunnel.

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