2004 Restoration Project

This is my first full blown project: buying broken and stray parts and pieces and making them into a working drumset. End cost: $500. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Moral(s) of this episode: - A lot of cheap parts will add up to a very big bill. Always. - If you can't get the right tools, expect to experience 10 times as much frustration. - Drums are just wood, they can be drilled and sanded and sliced and diced. - Extra holes just mean lessons learned. Here's what I started with: - 20x14 no name bassdrum, missing rods and lugs - 13x9 no name tom, missing rims and lugs - 13x9 no name tom, no rims or lugs! - 16x14 export tom, missing bottom rim and rods More updates to come...
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  1. Drumatics Drumatics says:

    Can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since I did that little project. I’m still using the drumset! The 13″ an 16″ sounds surprisingly good with clear Evans G2 on top and a coated ambassadors / diplomats on bottom.
    Check them out in action, via an iphone recording..

    Need a tune-up for your drums? Message me!

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