Drums Review : PDP maple kit

When I was ordering my custom Tempus durmset I spent a good many weeks debating whether I want 10-13-16-22 or a bigger 13-16-18-24 combo. Ultimately I went with the 10-13-16-22 set up for the versatility. The Tempus sounded great, but the yearning for a big rocking kit never went away. Perhaps for the simple fact that I never go to own one. Well this PDP maple set was close, real close.. Although not quite the Zep sizes I was hoping for, the PDP maple comes awfully close. 24x18, 12x9, 14x12, 16x14 with all maple shells, STM mounts, and tru-pitch tension rods. While the PDP namesake might give off a sense of 2nd tier quality, these drums were great through and through. The 24x18 is simple thunderous, however the bigger size does have a noticeably slower response than the 22x16 I was used to. Maybe a stronger foot can compensate for that eventually? The 14x12 and 16x14 are good, but personally I prefer full depth toms over the fast sizes, I like to feel the floor toms rumble. Notice how I tried connecting both floor toms together with a U-shaped metal rod. In theory it would reduce the over weight a little and also allow the drums to vibrate together, giving out more volume. (No I don't care about crosstalk.) I took out the U-joint after a few day however, it was too much of a hassel to set the drums level using 4 legs, plus re-positioning the two toms made it feel like I'm going to rip one of the mounts out. The 12x9, however, is sweet beyond words. Hands down the best 12" tom I've played. Round and meaty with lots of sustain, and that was only using the stock heads! I sold this kit eventually... the 24x18 was just too slow for my taste. Especially when paired with the FAST sized floor toms. (slow and fast, get it? ha!) And so continues my search for the perfect drumset.
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