Farewell matte black

So a while back I bought a bunch of Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau stray toms and lugs online and put them on my Tempus kit for moar lightness , and have even done a few shows with it. But since then the Yamaha shells (12, 13, 14, 18) had been sitting in my storage unloved and it always bugged me to let a decent set of drums go to waste. It didn’t help neither that the Yamaha Nouveau lugs , although were very light, were made to accomodate thicker drum shells and required extra washers to fit onto the Tempus 3mm shell, which took a big hit on the weight savings.


A few months went by and I finally decided to swap the lugs back to their original spot, and it was time to say goodbye to the Stage Customs.

It would’ve been a nice 12″-14″-18″ jazz kit with an extra 13″ tom, but initially the 14″ floor tom was a wine red lacquer and nobody would buy that thing. A few weeks went by and someone offered good money for the 18″ so I took it. Bye bye 18″ You were great in all those years at the studio.

The 12, 13, and 14″ stayed with me for another month or so, along with a stray 22″ YD series kick, until I decided to try to find a similar wrap and match them up for an easier sell. Ebay delivered! I found wrap that was a near perfect match, including the matte and textured finish. It was only a shade more glossy, but you can’t tell unless you put a light to it the right way.
From this…

To this…

Not bad at all.

Two months later and they were picked up by a nice New Zealand chap to add to his existing Yamaha set.

Bye bye Yamaha !

Would have been nice if I got to keep it as a 12, 14, 18 set, but it wasn’t meant to be.IMG_20150319_141745

IMG_20150319_141516 IMG_20150319_141618 IMG_20150319_141234

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