From the ashes

First of all a Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone , greater things are yet to come, as they say.

Got together with my drum buddy Jason and did a little fix up on our church snare.

It was an el-cheapo CB snare, cheap hoops, cheap lugs, iffy strainer, the works.
But it did sound fantastic in our church, just enough crack and presence and opens up nicely in mid-volume.

A few of those crappy pot-metal lugs broke of a while back and today we found some donor hardware from some pearl export snares.

20131231-143758.jpgThe Pearl Export was a higher model and had better everything, but the snares I had sounded like dogs. All attack and no body. So they’ve been gathering dust on my shelf for a few years now .

Got the lugs on, decided to transplant the Pearl strainer as well.

Done! The snare head is old but it sounded good still, if it ain’t broke..


Back in service, plus I get to clean up my shelf and leave the rest of my odds and ends at Jason’s. Win-win!


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