Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Wishing you all a prosperous and transient Year of the Rabbit. However loud celebration is an annual tradition, and that brings me to my favorite cymbals ever: the CHINA.

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History has it that cymbals were first invented by the Turkish, and for the most part they all function pretty much the same. But the Chinese has a inverted cymbal that is both very similar and very different from the others. Used mainly in celebrations to create loud noises and ward off evil spirites, the Chinese (China) cymbals are meant to be loud first and foremost.

They are similar to other cymbals that different weight/ concave/ material will affect the sound, yet the “flipped” profile means the sound will remain distinctively “Chinese”. You will never mistaken a regular crash cymbal for a China cymbal, which sound is often fast and cutting and super loud. My band calls my 18″ Wuhan the Car Crash Cymbal.

China cymbals in their natural element:

China cymbals in Western application :

How are you going to celebrate your Chinese New year? I am treating my neighbours with a special drum solo, right at the crack of dawn. You know, for good luck and prosperity.

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