It’s da best eva!!!!111!1!

I’ve had one favorite model of sticks for the past 10 years. It’s seen playtime on every gig I’ve had.

It’s a hickory 5A , feels just a tad softer than your regular Vic Firths , has a teardrop tip, and a black grippy handle. And it is kinda ugly.

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I must have bought (and broke) at least 10 pairs of these over the years with black and gold sparkle, and i kept buying them because they were cheaper ($5/pr) and kind of unique. They weren’t easy to find neither which means anytime I see them I felt like I just had to get some. Hipster drumsticks i suppose?

But over the years I’ve come to prefer them, and now I’m down to my last pair…

I have no doubt another pair of 5As will work just fine, but these STXs.. Thems the bestest.


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