It’s Electrifying!

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I’ve been telling myself for years that I need to practice more. But as with all things that takes work I’ve been putting it off and putting it off. Last year I got real close and borrowed a friend’s electric kit for a few months but with it being the rubberpad kind I didn’t use it much. I need a electric drusmet that feels good to practice on!

Spoiled? Definitely. But I believe even spoiled brats can develop a drive and channel their energies enough to achieve something, when the condition is right. The trick is focusing that energy.
See, when you have choices, you tend to spend more time choosing rather then just doing the damn thing, and end up accomplishing less. First world problem, I know.
In between spending money on my car/bike/wedding/wife/apartment (ikea never looked so fun since I got my own place) , I have always wanted an electric drumkit. Well I got married this past Summer and I told myself you know what, if you don’t claim at least some space in the apartment now, it’s gonna be nothing but shoes and closets in 2 months.

So I did just that.

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Check out that packing job! I have a new found respect for cardboard designers.

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The 36OËšball-tilter cymbal arm (ala Mapex) is very handy. I angle / pitch / rotate the cymbal with just one adjustment.

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The factory setup puts the brain on the left but I find it too close to the hi-hat even with the rack extended to the widest recommended angle, will move mine to the right by the floor tom eventually and see if that’s better. It also close with an extra clamp that was meant for the lower model TD-9 rubber hi-hat, I’m going to mount my music stand on it. I think the pipe diameters are close enough.

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The tom pads had an extra 2″ useable area over the TD-9 model, I’m glad I got it. Because I am still hitting the rims all the time.

Also, the hi-hat pads were set up with my Gibraltar Liquid Hi-Hat, which has a fairly light spring. It’s great on regular hi-hats (medium weight and below), but on the Roland Virtual Hi-Hat it kind of limps out and plays like a wet noodle. Another thing I’d wish for the kit is trigger on the hi-hat bell, as I like to do a lot of hi-hat work.

But for now, it’s great, I’m practice almost every night, the updated TD-9 brian is able to play both WAV and MP3 files from USB, just simply plug in and toggle to your song of choice.

Got any questions about the TD-9 KX2 or it’s competitors (at the time of purchase there was none within $500 of its price range.) ? Throw them up in the comment section.

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