Mapex … Getting there

Found this new piece of Mapex hardware at the store today : quick release clutch / cymbal topper:


See how big that thing when put beside the common sized Pearl one. That is HUGE and not a lot of finesse in the design neither. The plastic is cheap to the touch, with rough edges around the corners.

Tama has a much better execution that feels more solid and easier to use.

Taye also has a quick release clutch that is simple and works well, if still a bit crude.

My favorite for now is the Gibraltar clutch , looks and feels very well made, with a simple as stones mechanism.

A caveat though, the base is quite tall and will not work with 10″ hats or other low profile flat hi-hats.

I used to hate on Gibraltar lots for their half-baked hardware designs (with lots of sort-of features) , but recently they have been putting out great stuff that works well and looks the part.

Mapex, i like your cymbal cushions and the boom arm quick release, but is time to up your game. And fix that cheap chrome job on your stands! Everyone knows!

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