(Long overdue) Carbon Fiber Snare Update!

It’s been a while! We can plan all we want but sometimes things have their own way of working, just look at Japan. God bless all those who are affected.
Over here I am just grateful I moved in to a new place with minimal fuss, proposed to my now-fiancé , starting new job on April 4th, all the while trying to manage a boatload of side projects (Yes Real T the translations are coming!)…and of couse, there is the Carbon Fiber snare that I finished. It sounds fantastic, like maple on overdrive.

[singlepic id=36 w=320 h=240 float=]

Here are the specs:

14×6.5 carbon shell from Mckenzie Drums
8 All Star Arch Lugs
Dunnett R4 quick release Strainer
Snappy wires
Coated Ambassador on Ambassador Snareside

[singlepic id=37 w=320 h=240 float=]

Overall a straight forward build, the shell is easy to drill, I added nylon washers under the lug screws to balance out the long lug screws, also washers underneath the lugs to remove lug splay. If I say I chose the Dunnett R4 strainer for the build quality and functionality, I would be lying. It’s all because of the curved handle. Look how nicely it matches the lugs!

I brought it to practice last night and it sounded great. Much more sensitive than the 14×5 Acrolite I was playing. It’s got a warmer, smoother tone, and amazing rim shots from the S-hoops. The drum also had a breathing quality to its sound, hard to describe but it just sound so natural and lively. No weird and sharp overtone, just all goodness in a very organic sort of way.

What projects should I tackle next? Aside from getting furnitures (I have no couch and am sleeping on the floor), wedding planning, planning for the new job, translations for Real T…. oooh boy.

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2 Responses to (Long overdue) Carbon Fiber Snare Update!

  1. Mirko says:

    Hi, beautiful project. I’m managing to do a full kit of carbon fiber drums, could you give me some hints? 1 Did you have bought the shell or did you have built it? In the second case, how do you have built it? I’m thinking about using a dime for the shell, and use a carbon fiber tissue with epoxy (the same as building carbon fiber bike coverings), so the junction will be completed by the layering of epoxy and tissue and also, i can make the edge like a metal snare . Or maybe, are there already prepared carbon fiber plain sheet to put in round form? In that case, how is the junction of the two sides? Thanks

  2. Drumatics says:

    Hey Mirko, sorry for the non-reply! Lately I’ve been dabbing in fixing cars and motorcycles, didn’t spend much time on drums. (Also finally accepted the fact that I have enough drums already. Sorta.)

    Anyway, did you get your set made already?
    My CF snare shell was build by Nickel Drumworks , I only did the assembly part.

    Just took it in for recording last week, it’s loud and warm, but slightly one-dimensional. Mind you I had the S-Hoops on which might stiffen up the tone a bit.

    I wouldn’t use it for songs that needs a lot of snare texture. But if you want a honking snare sound, this snare is amazing for it.

    I will try a pair of regular hoops on it eventually and see how it sounds.

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