Middle of the pack , good good good !

You know how some cars are too overpriced when new but would make an awesome used car? Maybe the company was known for reliable engines, maybe it’s a rare brand hard to come by, maybe it excel in one area better than other cars 2 classes up?

There are definite parallels in the drum world as well. Ladies and gentlemen I present you…

The Yamaha Stage Custom.

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In a satin brown oil this Yamaha stage custom looks especially classy. Doesn’t hurt that in the picture it’s sitting nicely on a beige area rug with a green plant behind for contrast.

When new the Stage Custom is one of the higher-priced players in the entry level market. Contending with the Pearl Exports, Tama Rockstars, and Sonor..somethings. These are like the Civics of drums, lots of new colours and hardware tweaks every year, but they always remained just there, as entry levels. Don’t get me wrong, they do sound decent (generally) and once through a mixer and EQ you could hardly tell the difference.

Yamaha made themselves a good name with the industry standard Recording Custom (birch drums), and the stage custom follows that route with … ahh I used to remember the wood type but full time job has erased most of my student-life memories… but anyway, they were a mix of two woods and quick sounding like birch.

These things would recording wonderfully, but this set in particular just begs for some fusion jazz in time signatures I won’t pretend to know.

Another great thing about Stage Customs is the use of Yamaha hardwares that was pretty much standard across their entire range of drums. You get the same lug and tom arm material as their flagship Recording Customs!

If you see these on sale and the colour speaks to you, grab yourself one…now!



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