2008 Restoration Project – Part 2

Since last time when I got the shells done I had been waiting for some extra bassdrum parts to show up. I waited and waited and waited until in late March, a whole drumset kinda fell into my lap. Yah the lugs don't match, but I looked at it as a ticket to join in the custom drum craze.. Given my previous experience with stainless steel wrap, I decided to recover the whole drumkit in a new finish. It's not like I could just go to REVY's and order some stainless steel wrap for my bassdrums anyway. So I spent about a week staying up late taking all the drums apart, using a heat gun to pull the steel wraps and replace it with some new ones. Process was long, but it was just a matter of screwing screws since I didn't need to do any more drilling. The old wrap was littered with scratches and dents and (mis)drilled holes, so I wasn't sad at all to see it go. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you part 2 of my project. 10x5 tom 12x5 tom 13x5 tom 16x16 floor tom 14x5 snare 22x8 bass 22x8 bass Mesh heads on one side, regular drumheads on the other. It's like the Pearl Rhythm traveler on steroids.
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