The dreaded secret weapon – the e-kit

I’ve had this kit for over three years and finally, finally I am bringing it out for a show. Now I’ll be the first to say I much prefer the sound and feel of regular drumkits, not the mention the sheer presence of a whole set of tubs on stage. So why the change? Well my next show is going to be in a modest dance studio room with <100 capacity, however it is the mirrored walls on all four sides that concerned me the most. There’s no way I will be able play rock in my full size Tempus CarbonFiber drums without overpowering everyone else. Well actually the drums I can probably manage, as the Tempii do open up nicely even at low volume; but there is no way I can get a good crash cymbal sound without well, crashing them.As shown in the first picture, I had my Yamaha DTXplorer set up mostly as auxiliary voices to my snare-bass-hats basic set up. I dabbed here and there with the sound bank but never explored much beyond the factory preset drum tracks and practice with the built in metronome. But not anymore! I’ve got a gig coming up on the 23rd that I will be using the e-kit and only the e-kit. I spent a couple hour learning the interface and setting up the custom drum tracks, and I gotta say – once I had the interface figured out, it was pretty intuitive to modify the sounds and pitch and etc. I already had 8 drum tracks made up already, from jingles to hand claps to ’80s techno drums meshed with massive reverb… at next practice I will try to add in the metronome (lights only) to tag along with the songs, we’ll see how that goes. Playing along with a metronome is always a killer. I saw a Yamaha DTXtremeIII on Craigslist for less than halfprice not two weeks ago, should’ve snatched that. The mesh heads and 3-zone cymbals would’ve been a God-send.

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