The love/hate relationship with my job

I work in the school system, the good is that I get July and August off.

The bad is that I don’t get paid for those two months. Now gotta try hard to manage my easly EI (means I can pay my bills but every meal I eat out equals to 3 meals at the parents) to stay alive.

But the extra time does have its benefits.. finishing my school paper, tidying / fixing up my place, plan for wedding, and now once again playing with 3 different music groups, albeit all short summer stints but I am still very much looking forward to it. Sometimes things just fall together, whether you intent for them to happen or not.

Still waiting for the chance to bring this puppy out to play:

[singlepic id=34 w=320 h=240 float=]

Ok, everyone work hard now. I’ve gotta go to my weekend job, too. Which interestingly is technically unpaid because my earnings do not exceed that of the EI deductible. But I do it for the fun and experience. Better than staying home and FBing.

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