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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! What did you get this year? It doesn’t have to be material things, as I understand some people prefer to direct their Christmas energies towards families or charity works and the like. But since I am in a holiday moody today, let me share with you the first toy drumset I got. It came from a place far, far away…

If you had guessed China, you’re right. (Really, what isn’t these days?) But this was no ordinary toy drumset. It was handmade by someone gifted in miniature arts, and I am also certain, a fellow musician.

Why musician? Because the hi-hat stand, bass pedal, and cymbal stands actually work. They tilt and move up and down like regular hardwares do. All that in their 3″ tall package.  Lets go into the details here..

Dimension:  Looks like a scaled down 12-13-16f-22b-14s drumset,  with 14″ hats, 16″ crash, and 20″ ride.
Wood shells, clear plastic drumheads, tin cymbals, working stands and pedal, adjustable rack tom angles, padded throne. The attention to detail is amazing on this little drumset. The only thing ‘off’ about it, strangely, is the number of imitation lugs. You’d think someone who went through the trouble to make a working 3″ hi-hat stand with tin cymbals wouldn’t mind glueing on a couple more fake lug posts. But as it stands, the bassdrum has five lugs, and the rest have four.
I can think of no other person than a musician-craftsman who could’ve (would’ve) made such a cool display like this. I mean, it would sell for just as much money without the moving pedals and stands, the determination to add those features could’ve only came from the artist who made it, out of the love for the actual instrument.

My friend got this for me from her Hong Kong trip back in around 2006, she even had my band’s name engraved on the hi-hats and my name on the drumsticks (scaled to be 1A marching sticks). She is now back in Hong Kong enjoying a very successful career and family and this drumset sits proudly in a custom display case overseeing my computer room. The amazing attention to details shown by the craftsman who made this toy model has earned it a place among my collections. The fact that my friend brought this bulky heap of delicate breakables all the way from Hong Kong? Well that just mean I will probably never get rid of it. Thanks J!

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