Japanese toys are the best.

For those wondering about the drumset on my banner : I got this set of toy drums from my band as a birthday present some years back. It was a BECK anime series drumset sold in those popular carton toy boxes that don’t specify which piece you would get so every purchase is a surprise. Like Kinder Surprise but better prizes, and a heck a lot more expensive. (from $5-$15 a box for one of those toys).

One would need to the complete series of 6 boxes to put together a full drumset, woe to those who buy just one box and find only a floor tom and a pair of sticks inside.

There are shops that sell these complete as a set of 6 for a premium, and I think that’s what my band did.

Quality wise they are very good, very detailed and everything snaps together in a breeze. The footprint for the completed set is about 4″wide and 3″ deep.

The seat even matches the Tama Ergo Rider I use at home!

I got a display box from Daiso meant for toy cars and it fit perfectly, hotglued everything down and even the drumsticks and now it sits nicely in my display case. Too bad the drumheads aren’t real film and you can’t get a tone out of them, unlike the other set of toy drums I got from my friend Janice from HK.

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