2007 Vintage Orange 1 – gear alert

Just picked up a fixer upper in pretty good shape: Plan A: Refurbish the orange drums Plan B: Take out the snare and save it for a mini drumkit for future wedding gigs - low volume and easy transport. Yeah! Stats: Vintage no-name kit 20x14, 12x8, 16x16, and a 14x5 student snare All the drums are in a nice orange sparkle, except for the snare which is blue sparkle. Condition is great considering the age of the drums - bearing edge still sharp, no ply separation, little colour fade, even comes with some vintage hardware too! Neat. To Do List: Orange drums - clean, buff, polish, restore bottom heads, fix the hi-hat pedal. New DRUMHEADS - maybe. It's gonna get pricy. Blue "snare" - It's missing everything a normal snare should have, I plan to convert this drum into a shallow 14" tom and eventually add on (or saw off) other pieces and built it into a super portable  mini-drumset. We'll see.
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