2007 Vintage Orange 2- gear alert

Only one picture this time, because I often get lost when I start working and forget to take pictures. But let me tell you what I did with my 2ams, 8ams, and holidays in the past few weeks…

Fixed bass pedal — made a new linkage anchor with dollar-store plastic parts. It’s working fine and going strong.

Cleaned & polished everything — because striving for perfection is a good. And the smell of windex has an uncanny ability to make polishing drums appearing more enjoyable than it ought to be…

Changed heads. Changed heads again. Changed heads for the 3rd time — Now all the drums are sporting single ply w/ home made rings – giving a punchy and smooth sound. Great for easy playing. The bassdrum sounds like your standard soft-rock kick/thump. So unsurprisingly PERFECT.

Only the snare drum is left. I am still planning to turn it into a shallow 14″ tom to add into the Aqua Satin set (see my first archive).

That’s it for now!

I will try to always take some before & after pictures for future projects, so all of you out there can share my true joy and frustration throughout the process.

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