A classic Mr. Rogers

image Picked up this 14x5 chrome over brass Rogers Dynasonic snare a few months ago with all the patina of a well aged drum. Luckily all the dirt & grime is superficial and the drum cleaned up nicely. image 5 lines across the shell, oval badge, serial numbers in the 5's , white muffler, and one piece bottom snare guard put this in the mid-70's range. Chrome over Brass shell. image Swivomatic snare strainer, secure on/off locking position. Roger's Swivomatic line of hardwares were very innovative back in the day, even artists endorsing other drum companies would install swivomatic tom mounts and use Rogers stands with their kit. image The snare bridge - this is the key feature of a Dynasonic snare drum. The bridge allows the snare wire tension to be set independent to how tight the wires are pressed against the shell. It does take some fine tuning though , I had to spend some time on a vintage Rogers forum to determine the best way to set up the snare. Combined with the ultra shallow 0.004" snare bed this makes for a super sensitive snare drum across all tension ranges. image This drum is loud! I played it beside a 14x5 Acrolite and it has more highs, more response, and a more solid tone. Just a honking beast. However I've decided to let it go to someone who can make more use of it, as I have been doing all my teaching and playing on electric kits lately. Much like the Ayotte kit that I used to have, great stuff, wrong time. Much happier to see it being used. image
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