2010 August Wedding gig

First of all, a big congratulations to William and Olivia! Wish you guys many blessed years to come.

Pictured left here is the Yamaha Stage Custom church kit I played for my friend’s wedding. The set sounded pretty decent, even with stock REMO U2 heads. Well, as good as can be after the sound shield did its job of mudding everything up.

I proceed to lay down the first beat and then PLUNK! The bass pedal footboard angled was so off that it bottomed out on the pedal clamp, and upon its return the bass beater proceeded to hit me on the foot. Good thing I had my drumkey with me.

Everything was good after I performed a little TLC and fixed the insanely far beater angle (the setting screw probably loosened at one point and nobody bothered to reset it), and reset the washers on the hi-hat clutch. I hope the church appreciate the freebie! But seeing the stock B8 cymbals set up with the rest of the perplexing setting and tunings, I doubt anyone would notice.

I try to bring my Canon S90 with me all the time but there are the odd times when I have to resort to cell phone pics. Hopefully even the cell phone pics quality will improve once I get a new phone after my contract’s up.

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