Helped out at a 4,000 people strong function last week , finally got to take the Tempus out with the new wrap and lugs! image I managed to find enough lugs just days before the show, definitely was cutting it close. (And of course two days after I bought everything a complete Stage Custom Nouveau drumset appeared on Craigslist with everything I need for dirt cheap. OF COURSE.) image All in all it wasn't too much hassle, just needed to be patient when wrapping to prevent bubbles and find some washers to compensate for the extra thin shells. Oh and some extra tension rod to match the lugs that now rests at a different distance away from the hoops. image Came out pretty good i'd say. Add lightness! image The soundman gave me a hard time because the toms rumble too much. For some people even an EMAD w/ thick rings and a regulator is still too live. I'm doing another show with the same sound guy next week.. Perhaps I will change that. Or just bring some buckets. image The CF snare had a lot of ring and I tried a genera Dry on top, much too dead... So I swapped it for my trusted Supra. image Annnd the snare cord broke after 6 songs. Halfway through song 7 I went salsa mode. Although my friends who were there said they didn't notice it. Figures, as we were only the opening act. Everyone was there to see cell celebrities from HK. image Anyway, back to the CF snare it is.. image Good show , good show. God knows we did our part. No pressure. image
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